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The Crescent is constantly in the lens albeit a family photo or video, or as a backdrop to a companies advertising, or just a well known shot of Bath. There has been major filming on and around the Crescent over the years and with the kind help of the Bath Film Office we have listed some of these below.

Film-makers have been attracted to our area for over 50 years and The Bath Film Office promotes and assists film-making in Bath & North East Somerset to ensure that filming runs as smoothly as possible and it also acts as a liaison with bodies such as The Royal Crescent Society.

Click here to read more or contact the Bath Film Office

Click here to read a listing of the background filming that has taken place on the Crescent. Due to the heavy frequency of this filming we are only able to start to document this going forward.


Below is a listing of major filming that has been undertaken on the Crescent

* Details supplied from Halliwell's Film Guide by kind permission of the former Editor, John Walker

1964 BBC TV  Count of Monte Cristo
    Stars:  Alan Badel, Michael Gough  
    Shooting at No 1 Royal Crescent
1965 Warner Brothers Catch Us If You Can


Dir. John Boorman

Stars: Dave Clark Five, Barbara Ferris

Catch Us If You Can (released in the US as 'Having a Wild Weekend') was the feature-film debut of director John Boorman. It was designed as a promotional vehicle for pop band The Dave Clark Five, who at the time were on a par with the The Beatles. The film was named after their hit song "Catch Us If You Can".

1966 Columbia The Wrong Box *



    Directed by Bryan Forbes

Stars: Ralph Richardson, John Mills, Michael Caine, Nanette Neman, Peter Sellers, Tony Hancock, Cicely Courtnidge, John Le Mesurier, Irene Handle, Nicolas Parsons, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore

Plot: Two elderly Victorian brothers are the last survivors of a tontine (an involved form of lottery) and try to murder each other.

Filmed in the street and around Numbers 10 and 11, with (false) lamp overthrow on railings

Shown on Channel 5 on Sunday 19th march, 2006

1967 Documento Girl with a Gun
    Dir: Mario Monicelli

Stars: Monica Vitti , Stanley Baker

Filmed: Pump Room, Royal Victoria Park (views of Royal Crescent), Great Pulteney Street , Spring Gardens , George Street , Brock Street

1967 BBC TV Vanity Fair
    Star: Susannah York

Vanity Fair was a BBC television drama serial adaptation of William Makepeace Thackeray's noveland was  broadcast in 1967. Susan Hampshire received an Emmy Award in 1973 for her portrayal of Becky Sharp. The serial was also broadcast in the US in 1972 as part of Masterpiece Theatre.

1975 Warner/Hawk/Peregrine Barry Lyndon *

Directed by Stanley Kubrick

Stars: Ryan O'Neal, Marisa Berenson, Patrick Magee, Hardy Kruger, Murray Melvin, André Morell, Leonard Rossiter, Michael Hordern

Barry Lyndon is a 1975 British-American period romantic war film produced, written, and directed by Stanley Kubrick based on the 1844 novel The Luck of Barry Lyndon by William Makepeace Thackeray which recounts the exploits of an 18th century Irish adventurer.

Filmed: Outside No 1 (included removing the lamp-post and erecting wooden building scaffolds, etc.) and in Royal Victoria Park. Remarkable for interior scenes filmed when lit only by candles. Some tv broadcast versions have been edited to remove the 7 minutes of Bath scenes. Full running time 187 minutes.

1976 United Artists Joseph Andrews *

Directed by Tony Richardson

Stars:Peter Firth, Wendy Craig, Michael Hordern, Ann-Margret, Timothy West, Peggy Ashcroft, John Gielgud, Jim Dale, Beryl Reid

Joseph Andrews, or 'The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews and of his Friend Mr. Abraham Adams', was the first published full-length novel of the English author and magistrate Henry Fielding, and claims to be one of the first novels in the English language. Published in 1742 and defined by Fielding as a ‘comic epic poem in prose’, it is the story of a good-natured footman's adventures on the road home from London with his friend and mentor, the absent-minded parson Abraham Adams. 

Filmed inside and outside Number 1 and in the Crescent and Royal Victoria Park

The production came just as the Society, in its very early days, was seeking funds for the 1975 repair of the Lawn Railings: a generous donation from the producers (United Artists/Woodfall) saved the day!  

1983 BBC1 West Royal Crescent
    Produced by Paul Smith

Narrated by Auberon Waugh, 30 mins.

"In his portrait of the Royal Crescent, Auberon Waugh not only looks at the historical background of a world-famous masterpiece, but also examines what lies behind its impressive facade today. Above all he finds living in one of the grandest addresses in Europe - amid a throng of tourists - can be rather like living in a goldfish bowl." (Radio Times 27.5.83 and 2.9.83).

1986 US TV Crazy Like a Fox
    Dir: Paul Krasny

Star: Catherine Oxenberg

198 Channel 4 The Goldring Audit.
    As part of a controversial series of "audits" of current issues (Concorde, etc.,) feisty business journalist Mary Goldring examined Bath's tourism industry and how the City coped with it and promoted and portrayed itself. She covered the Topless Bus saga, which was at the time about half-way through what was to be its 10-year life. She interviewed then Chairman Michael Daw in his home, having led up to the interview by referring to the "grandees" of the Crescent!
1987 BBC TV Northanger Abbey (6 episodes) *


Click read more and to see pictures of the filming

    Transmitted February '88 on BBC2

Directed by Giless Foster

Stars: Peter Firth, Robert Hardy, Catherine Schlesinger, Googie Withers

Filmed in the street and inside and outside No 1

1997 Zenith for ITV Inspector Morse (1 episode)
    Stars: John Thaw, Kevin Whateley

Filmed in the street (day and night scenes) and outside the Royal Crescent Hotel

1998   Passion
    Director Peter Duncan

Stars: Richard Roxburgh, Barbara Hershey.

Plot: Passion explores the true-life story of the celebrated pianist-composer Percy Grainger, 1882-1961, (Richard Roxburgh). A tortured genius torn between society's conventions, his sado-masochistic tendencies and a complex love triangle. When beautiful Danish pianist Karen Holten (Emily Woof) falls in love with Percy, his mother Rose (Barbara Hershey) is both fearful of losing him and also hopeful that love may conquer the darker side of his genius. A story of intense relationships and disturbing ideas, Passion embraces an unconventional life to the fullest, exploring the pleasures and the pain of the dark side.

Filmed in the street with a vintage car.


2000 WGBH Boston Darwin
    Dir: Alistair Reid

Shooting at No 1 Royal Crescent


2001 BBC TV Blue Peter outside broadcast


    Blue Peter came to Bath in the Spring and occupied half of the Lower Crescent lawns for a day. There were various contraptions involved, including a motorised bathtub, which the presenters were supposed to have used to reach Bath! The balloon was a welcome site, residents having been deprived by the foot and mouth precautions of the spectacle of balloons floating over the city. (from newsletter 45)
2002 Videotext for Channel 4 Time Team
    Star: Tony Robinson

    Click here to read about the programme
2003   Three Tenors Concert
    Stars: Jose Carrerars, Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavoriti, Janos Acs, Royal Philormonic Orchestra
    Click here to read about and see pictures of the concert
2004 BBC TV The Circus, Bath
    Star: Dan Cruickshank
    Documentary on the masonic links to the design of The Circus, Queen Square and The Crescent
2006 Clerkenwell Films for ITV Persuasion

Dir Adrian Shergold

Stars: Sally Hawkins, Rupert Penry-Evans, Anthony Head, Julia Davis

Jane Austen classic filmed at: Royal Crescent, The Circus, Pump Room, Assembly Rooms, Bennett
St, Royal Victoria Park, Abbey Churchyard, Bath St, Neston Park, Dyrham Park, Sheldon Manor, Gt
Chalfield Manor.

Persuasion is an adaptation of the novel published in 1818. The TV-film premiered on 1 April 2007 on the UK channel ITV as part of their Jane Austen Season.

Plot: Persuasion tells the story of Anne Elliot and Captain Frederick Wentworth. Anne was engaged to Wentworth at the age of 19. However, her father Sir Walter Elliot and especially the family friend Lady Russell persuaded Anne to break off the engagement. Despite their strong mutual affections, Wentworth was not considered rich or important enough to marry an Elliot.

Eight years later, due to the lavish spending of Sir Walter and his eldest daughter Elizabeth, the family is in financial difficulties. The Elliot family residence, Kellynch Hall in Somersetshire, has to be let out. Suitable tenants are soon found in Admiral Croft and his wife. Mrs Croft is the sister of Frederick Wentworth, who has risen to Captain in the meantime and has become rich while serving in the Royal Navy. Elizabeth and Sir Walter set off for their new residence in Bath. At first, Anne stays behind, visiting her sister Mary Musgrove who is married to Charles Musgrove and living in the nearby estate Uppercross.

Anne then meets Frederick Wentworth again when he comes to visit his sister. Staying with the Musgroves, Anne meets Captain Wentworth several times and has to witness what she perceives to be his advances towards Charles Musgrove's young and lively sisters, especially Louisa, and is convinced that he will never forgive her, let alone love her again.

Eventually Anne goes to Bath, and becomes subject to the attentions of Mr. Elliot, a distant cousin who will inherit her father's wealth and title. Mr. Elliot proposes to Anne, who declines, as she is still in love with Wentworth. Upon hearing news of the proposal, Wentworth decides to leave town. Admiral Croft sends Wentworth to ask Anne if she and her new husband require them to quit Kellynch Hall. Anne informs Wentworth of the mistake, but Wentworth leaves and Anne runs to find him. On her way, her good friend informs her that the young man who wants her hand only wants the title he will get when her father dies, and is currently courting the young lady whom it seemed Anne's father might marry. Anne eventually finds Wentworth, and they kiss on the street. The film then skips to Anne and Wentworth in a carriage, Anne blindfolded. When he takes it off she is standing in front of Kellynch Hall. Wentworth tells her that it is an early wedding present. The film ends with Wentworth and Anne standing in front of their new home, dancing.


2007 Pathe Feature Film The Duchess
    Dir: Saul Dibb

Stars: Keira Knightley,  Ralph Fiennes, Charlotte Rampling

Jane Austen classic filmed at: The Assembly Rooms, Royal Crescent, Holburne Museum

Plot: Set in the late eighteenth century, The Duchess is based on the life of Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire. While her beauty and fashion made her famous, extravagance and gambling made her infamous. She is married to the cold and much older William Cavendish, the 5th Duke of Devonshire. Despite the Duke's blatant infidelities, Georgiana becomes a fashion icon, a doting mother, a shrewd political operator, and darling of the common people. Reeling from her husband's affair with her best friend, Lady Bess Foster, Georgiana takes on her own lover, the future prime minister Earl Grey, with whom she gives birth to a child in secret, Eliza Courtney.



2009 Blast Productions for Channel4 The Queen

Dir/prod: Marion Milne

Stars: Emilia Fox, Samantha Bond, Katie McGrath, Lisa Dillon

Filmed at Flat in Royal Crescent, RVP, Neston, Longleat, Orchardleigh 

Five British actresses play the Queen at pivotal times in her life. Mixing dramatised scenes from behind palace doors with news archive and testimony from royal insiders, each episode focused on turning points in the reign of Elizabeth II.

Actress Emilia Fox leads the line-up to portray the Queen in the opening film set in 1955, as Princess Margaret's affair with Group Captain Peter Townsend exploded into public view at the time of the coronation. The second film covers the early 1970s when Britain came as close to being a republic as it ever has in modern times with civil unrest, IRA threats and a kidnap attempt on Princess Anne with Samantha Bond as the Queen. Susan Jameson takes on the hidden conflict between the Queen and her first female Prime Minister, Mrs Thatcher, who set herself in opposition to Crown and Commonwealth over sanctions against South Africa, while 1992 focuses on the Queen's Annus Horribilis with Barbara Flynn. Diana Quick concludes the series in 2005 as the Queen, the ultimate survivor and pragmatist, ushered in the last chapters of her reign by eventually accepting Prince Charles marriage to Camilla Parker Bowles.


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