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Below is a list of the filming requests made to The Bath Film Office that include the Crescent. Please note that due to the volume of requests we are not able to document these retrospectively.


10th Oct Shine TV Britain's Best Bakery film on central streets plus Royal Crscent
8th and 9th Oct Shine TV Nursing Times
2nd Oct BBC The Business of Comedy
2nd 4th Sept ITV Rory Bremner's Great British Views


26 th 29th Aug Channel 4 The Fear; extensive filming around Red Rag Gallery in Brook Street
15th Aug Channel X John Bishop Show
8th 9th August A&E Networks History Channel is making a series of short films on World Heritage UNESCO sites
1st August Two Four Productions Holiday Home Sweet home
30th July Supersport Int Mind the Gap: South African travel programme
23 may Leopard Films House Hunters International - people looking to live abroad (UK)
22 May KBS1 –South Korea Walking Around the World : A South Korean travel programme
21 May Fuji Television, Japan How Is It In The World: Japanese travel programme
19 -20th May TVBS (Taiwan) Super Taste Travel and Food Programme: Taiwanese travel programme
9 - 13 Jan,2007 Gala Magazine Photo shoot of all the usual locations around Bath
7 - 8 December, 2006 BBC BBC photographer who wishes to take some images of Royal Crescent for the book to accompany the David Dimbleby series "How We Built Britain".
8 - 9 November, 2006 Nine Network Aus This is an historical item for Channel 9 in Australia on Capt. Arthur Phillip, the first Governor of Australia, who settled in Bath in 1806,  precisely two hundred years ago.
27th - 28th October, 2006 Nonsolomoda (Italian Lifestyle TV Series)


This is an Italian TV lifestyle series (translated means “Not Only Fashion”)  which is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday with an audience of 1,500,000 viewers
28 - 29 Sept, 2006 Travel 2006 This is a news-style item about the Thermae Bath Spa to be included in a TV series.
25 Sept,2006 Catital TV

Part of a 4 episode broadcast on Star Network – the Asian equivalent to Sky.

It will be broadcast to 18 million homes throughout the Asia Pacific Region and will also be used as part of a British Airways/Visit Britain initiative to encourage visitors from the Asian region to travel to the UK for shorter periods of time.

20th Sept, 2006 London Metropolitan Univ

This is a student venture – material for the Cultural and Arts section of a website which is aimed at  Japanese students visiting the UK for further studies.

18 Sept, 2006 Colonial Productions This is for a series about people being inspired or influenced by particular buildings or architecture to build their own dream home.    No 1 Royal Crescent and Bath’s Georgian architecture have inspired a couple from Devon who are being featured in this programme.   
24 -25 August, 2006 Grazia Magazine Autumn fashion shoot with Crescent backdrop
16th August, 2006 Nickelodeon


This is one of a series of Children’s Travel programmes -  which features local kids introducing the best features of their own cities and towns
9th August Celador


They plan to plan interviews with subject and psychologist have confidential chats with backdrops
26th July Location, Location, Location Backdrop filming
30th June, 2006 Channel 5 Royal Crescent featured on programme "Buildings that Shaped Britian"
29th June Time Team

Time Team are making a programme about the development of the 18th century English landscape, using the restoration of Prior Park as their focus.  

They wish to film in locations around Bath to demonstrate its development into one of the earliest holiday resorts,  providing facilities for public pleasure and relaxation.

9 June


Beyond Productions

Beyond Tomorrow -This series, Australia’s answer to Tomorrow’s World, is made for the Discovery Channel, and broadcast in North America, Canada, Latin America, Asia, UK and Europe as well as Australia.

Its general aim is to highlight advances in science and technology and this particular item will be highlighting groundbreaking research at Bath University which will enable users to take pictures of points of interest and, by relaying them to a central server, receive information about the sites and related sites nearby – quite useful, for instance, for travellers and tourists.

9 June GMTV

This is one in a series of Great British Weekends, produced by Good Morning TV which features a celebrity couple (John Stapleton and Lynne Faulds-Wood, spending a romantic weekend for two in Bath

5 June BBC Birminham To Buy or not to Buy -This is well-known property buying . Most of the filming takes place within people’s homes. The above are general shots to describe the city location. The presenters will also be filming with the general public at certain locations.

3 June

1430 - 1730

Network 7

The Great Outdoors - With two million viewers per week, The Great Outdoors is reportedly Australia’s largest and most popular TV travel programme, which airs nationally on Seven Network in weekly primetime Monday and Saturday slots. It is also shown on various networks throughout the world.

5 June Talkback TV Grand Designs is following a self-build housing project on Bathwick Hill. In order to illustrate the setting for this project, presenter, Kevin McCloud, will be seen chatting in the locations listed above (includes Royal Crescent). It’s a very low key shoot without any disturbance to the public.

27 May

Cross Culture Holdings

Japanese Cruise Ship DVD

17th 19th may

Colin Hawkins Photography

Colin has been commissioned to update the photographs of Bath in the Getty Images Photo Library. Their purpose is to promote Bath as a popular tourist destination – a place with history and romance. It will involve filming with two models each day.

16th May

Channel 5

Buildings That Shaped Britain - Channel 5 programme screened Friday 30th June 2006 2000. Three main cities covered in depth Bath, London and Edinburgh

12 May BBC Bristol This filming will form the insert items into the three public participation outside broadcasts recorded in the Pavilion last month. The inserts will explore the historical, spiritual and recreational aspects of Roman Bath.
26th April GMTV They will be covering the usual selection of our most delightful locations -  which all amounts to excellent promotion for the city.  We have been told that it will be transmitted on 2nd May on UK Today.
4th April BBC Bristol Flog It - general views of Bath which will be inserted into the finished programme, which is being recorded at The Pavilion in Bath between 9.30 – 4.00 pm on the same day . Members of the public are invited to bring along their antiques free of charge for valuation. I have attached further details about the programme for your general interest.
22 Feb 12.45 – 17.00 Endemol UK Millionaire Manor -The family of six will be filmed travelling between locations in a horse-drawn carriage.
11th Feb Tellus vision Swedish Production Team making an educational series to be transmitted in various countries around Europe. It aims to teach english to foreign school children at the same time as introducing them to examples of our culture.
10th Feb Via Visit Britain Tourism

Instyle Korea Fashion Magazine Shoot featuring Kwon Sang Woo a household name in South Korea with a string of TV shows, movies and music videos to his name, he is a heart-throb with an appeal that stretches into Japan and Taiwan.

30 Jan Two Four Productions Documentary series called The Hotel Inspectors
25 Jan Reybridge Four Norland Nannies plus a Silver Cross pram working along the pavement, probably at the far end as they want to get a shot across to Victoria Park without cars, so have suggested the sections with yellow lines.
14th /15th September Wolkenlos (German TV)Vox
Exterior shots of:   Royal Crescent,and other major tourist attractions in the city. German travel production.
24th / 27th August US Of part of US travel show Rick Steves' Europe. Crew of 3 filming at multiple locations. 25th scheduled for filming in No. 1 and external on the Crescent
18th August ITV West News

small crew of 15 filming outside 29 and 30 with presenters Richard Lyddon and Lisa Aziz

18th August Canadian 2 man Canadian crew filming very quickly in the Crescent after 4pm.
13th August Eagle Media Productions (EMP) "Heavens Gate" garden series, 9:30am to 10:30am  Royal Crescent, Royal Victoria Park  presenter cycles to allotments (4 crew)
8th Augst Kanaka Productions


'Reynebeau and Rotten' a programme that follows two presenters travelling together around England in a Rolls Royce.  Most of their shooting will be from the back of the car
1st August Seneca Productions 'The Perfect Home' - architecture Channel 4 series planned Spring '06. (4 crew)
Locations: Alexandra Park - the view,  Sham Castl e, Prior Park, Landsdown Crescent, The Circus, Royal Crescent, Queen's Square, Great Pulteney Street, Pulteney Bridge - from the weir, Sydney Place, The Abbey, Sally Lunn's, Sedan Chair Lodges - Queens Park Parade, The Georgian Garden, Night watchman's Box - Norfolk Crescent, Toll Houses.
20th July BBC
'Holidays at Home' - featuring a mother and daughter going round Bath in the horse & carriage taxi, filming the 2 with backdrop of architecture.  Route includes Abbey area, Theatre Royal, Jane Austen's house (Queen Square), The Circus, The Royal Crescent, The Roman Baths, Assembly Rooms
18th July RTI Mediaset, Italy 'Il Viaggiatore' Italian travel programme filming at many locations across Bath (4 crew)

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