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  The Three Tenors on the Lawn

Chairman's Notes: from the Special News Bulletin Summer 2003

Residents' eager anticipation of the Three Tenors Concert on August 7th will heighten when preparations start on July 28th and the stage and arena gradually take shape. Frequent meetings and correspondence between your committee (for the Crescent Lawn Company) and Wessex Water (for M) about the detailed arrangements for use of the Lawn have been conducted most amicably, and the experience gained when the Carreras Concert was staged in 1992 has eased the process. We are pleased to acknowledge the handsome donation towards the Railings & Ha ha Restoration from Wessex Water, and the offer of guaranteed prime seats for all residents.


Residents' rights of exclusive use of the Lawn, of which over two thirds will remain accessible, enjoyed under the terms of the deeds of the 30 Royal Crescent houses will not be affected, but access to the Lawn during the Concert and rehearsal the same afternoon will be strictly for residents only. This will be controlled by the issue by Wessex Water of a numbered pass to each resident, who will have to show it to the security staff on the central gate to gain entry to the Lawn; the other gates will not be in use. Residents using the Lawn are also asked to remain in place once the concert has started, keeping to ing and fro ing to a minimum. These restrictions are made necessary in order to ensure a minimum of noise that might interfere with the performance, out of considerations of safety and security, and the requirements of the insurance arranged for the event by Wessex Water. For similar reasons it is necessary to ask residents to refrain from cooking, using canopies, or anything else which would detract from the enjoyment of the 12,500+ concert goers or the 20,000 watching on the screens in the western Royal Victoria Park.

Additionally the police have directed and will enforce an order to the effect that, for safety and security, the Royal Crescent and surrounding roads must be closed from 6pm until midnight on the Concert night, and that the Crescent has to be clear of cars by this time. It would assist the police if all cars were out of the Crescent by noon. Alternative free parking for residents, with extra security provided by B&NES, will be available from midnight, 6th August in Charlotte Street car park until 10am, 8th August: passes have been sent to residents with their tickets and lawn passes.

Throughout the period of erecting and dismantling the stage, etc, there will be security guards on site. The security supervisor can be contacted at any time at Bath 480963. Also during this time you may see filming of the preparations taking place this is for a documentary type film entitled 'City of Water and Stone' being produced in conjunction with the event.

On the night of the Concert, those with windows at ground level or above facing the Lawn are asked to leave their lights on to enhance the visual effect of the backdrop of the Crescent. We have also been asked to remind you that opportunist crime tends to flourish at such events, so lock up well and guard your valuables!

The Concert marks the return of spa facilities to Bath, and is to be preceded on Wednesday August 6th by an opening ceremony at the new Thermae Spa building. We hope that you will enjoy the night of the Concert, the firework display afterwards, and the use of the Spa in the future.


About the Concert

Three of the greatest operatic legends will take the stage at a spectacular free concert in Bath. Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti will perform the concert with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Janos Acs, to coincide with the long awaited opening of Thermae Bath Spa. The event has been organised following an invitation from Bath and North East Somerset Council to celebrate the occasion. The event is being sponsored by the Malaysian based YTL, owners of Wessex Water, and promoted by YTL Events Ltd. Francis Yeoh, Managing director YTI, Corporation, said: 'We are delighted to be able to host this event at the request of B&NES. Although we have hosted many international stars such as Pavarotti and Carreras at our annual Concert of Celebrations before, it is a great honour to bring the Three Tenors to Bath."

Leader of Bath & North East Somerset Council, ClIr Paul Crossley, said: 'We were thrilled when YTL agreed to sponsor such an amazing spectacular to coincide with the opening of Thermae Bath Spa. This concert will be a wonderful boost for both the city and for tourism. The excellent cooperation we are getting from all concerned including the Royal Crescent, who have kindly given permission to use the land in front of the Crescent, has been fundamental to ensuring this concert will be a huge success."

Although the concert is free it will raise money for charity. The Live Concert Relay screens are in Royal Victoria Park: no seats are provided for the Live Concert Relay but it is an all ticket event. No ticket, no entry. Road closures: Royal Crescent, Royal Avenue, Brock Street, Upper Church Street, Marlborough Lane and Marlborough Buildings.

The Three Tenors Concert, 7th August 2003

From Newsletter No 51 Autumn 2003

Each year the Malaysian company YTL holds a concert of celebration. This year, because it fitted neatly with their acquisition from Enron of Wessex Water and 'the opening' of the Bath Spa, it was held in Bath. What good fortune for Bath, for this was not just about music, it was about a spirit of community

My original intention had been to write about the music, but that would he to miss the point. Of course music was the vital ingredient and a widely varied programme had something for everyone, but his was an occasion; an experience; a party, and a party that included any. and everyone who wanted to join in.

Those of us of a certain age will be only too well aware that we are less able to do many of those things that we could do so easily a few years ago. The vanity of man does not stop at the threshold of defying time. Pete Townsend and Mick Jagger have just demonstrated this, but for whatever motives, the three tenors have shown us how pleasure can be brought to a whole community.

On one level the concert was a wildly extravagant gesture by YTL to celebrate the Spa opening and another year of business. On another level it contributed so much else to the community. When did you last experience such a buzz around the city and in particular in the Royal Crescent? How wonderful to see so much of the good in everyone being brought out, the openness, the chatter, the enthusiasm and the sheer enjoyment of the whole occasion.

it did not start and end on Thursday 7th August. It began, slowly at first, with an announcement from Wessex Water and developed with the excitement of the ticket applications. Then came the construction of the stage, the sound, the lighting and performance rehearsals. Finally there was the day and everywhere was pleasure and conviviality.

Whoever decreed this to be an all ticket affair had not anticipated those without tickets who were determined to be part of it, hanging out of windows, dangling legs over the parapets of surrounding houses, sitting on pavements or collecting around the perimeter of the Park. Maybe 1 should also include residents of Oldfield Park who chose to stay at home. Even if they could not hear everything, they probably had the best view of the fireworks display.

There was no escape, just one big communal smile over the whole of Bath and a big 'thank you' to the performers, especially the three tenors, Placido Domingo, Josi6 Carreras and Luciano Pavarotti, to Janos Acs and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and to YTL

Corno di Bassetto

All pictures are with kind permission of the Bath Chronicle who own the rights to all reproduction.