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Historic photographs of the Crescent up to 1970s

Click on individual photographs to check if available at  BathinTime.


An early Photograph taken in 1857 from "Shades and Light: Bath in Camera 1849 - 1861"


A group of photographs from BathinTime Archive dated around 1890, 1900, 1920 and 1930 repectively


The above photos are from "Georgian Buildings of Bath" by Walton Ison first published in 1948. The US flags in the first picture are not explained in the book.


The above photos are from "Plan for Bath" the infamous post war plan by Sir Patrick Abercrombie published by Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons 1945.  The huge crowd scene is merely described as a "civic celebration" but is the end of the Great War celebrations

   Dufacolor views 1937


The crescent in 1965 and with sheep grazing 1938


Houses in 1900 and 1920 and the right is No17 house of Sir Isaac Pitman before and after the Bath Blitz hit



Cars on the Crescent in 1960 and 1981 and we don't know when


Many more great Photographs by kind permission of Bath in Time and click on photographs top learn more bout them


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