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Tourist Information...

We welcome you all to enjoy the Royal Crescent and its unique surroundings. Step onto the Crescent any day and you will see visitors from all corners of the world taking in the splendours of the buildings, taking photographs of friends against its backdrop or strolling its grand promenade. 

Here are some links and additional information we feel may help you plan and enjoy your visit to Bath and the Royal Crescent. We ask that you either click on the bookmarks listed below or simply scroll down the page (Links to external sites will open in a new browser window. We are not responsible for the content of and access to these external internet sites):

How to get here  What to see / What's on / Where to stay

How to get here

What to see

Click here to link to the council information sheets on transport, roads,  parking and getting around Bath.   

(Click here to read about the planned expansion of Number 1) Bath Chronicle October 14th, 2010

(click here - to read about the recent history of Bath Spa)


Some of the many events on in Bath during the Year 2015 (Click on event to find out more)

Click to read the latest official city museum and events

Where to stay

Click here to read about The Royal Crescent Hotel.

Click here to read the account of how the Royal Crescent Hotel was created (Bath Chronicle March 23rd 2009)


Link to bibliography to find out more about the book behind the Royal Crescent Hotel story - 'The Architect's Tale' by William Bertram


Click to read about the national award winning hotel - Bath Chronicle November 21st, 2008

Click here to see more pictures of The Royal Crescent Hotel in our Modern Gallery.