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How the Road was Won

Read our famous victory over the Topless Talking Buses! These articles are from the Society's Newsletter archive and they report that was produced by the Society. The archive has been collated to show the battle from 1981, the public broadside in 1989, through to the final victory on 15th February 1999 nearly some 18 years later!!!!








Click here to read the 1985 report and see the statistics on just how many buses were on the Crescent and see pictures of the congestion caused.

Click on the individual Newsletters below to read the history or just start at the beginning and scroll down this historic saga which is retold in three parts . To return to this page merely close the new document window.

Topless Talking Buses - The Gauntlet is thrown Down

Topless Talking Buses - The End of the Beginning or the Beginning of the End?

  1. Newsletter No 26 - a ban is agreed (Autumn '94) 

  2. Newsletter No 27 - and now for the good and the bad news (Spring '95)

  3. Newsletter No 28 - the political wheels move slowly (Summer '95)

  4. Newsletter No 29 - and the debate continues (Winter '95)

  5. Newsletter No 30 - Almost there (Spring '96)

  6. Newsletter No 31 - Some loose ends - Hold the champagne corks (Summer '96)

  7. Newsletter No 32 - B&NES Traffic Order (Winter '96)

  8. Newsletter No 33 - the saga continue and a public inquiry looms (Spring '97)

Topless Talking Buses - The Final Push!

  1. Newsletter No 34 - The Options - abandon, defer or pursue (Summer '97) 

  2. Newsletter No 35 - The Public Inquiry Preparation (Winter '97)

  3. Newsletter No 36 - The Public Inquiry - Action Time Approaches (Spring '98)

  4. Newsletter No 37 - The Public Inquiry (Summer '98)

  5. Newsletter No 38 - Victory Looms (Winter '98)

  6. Newsletter No 39 - The VICTORY (Spring ' 99)

Click here to view the B&NES Transport sub-committee actual prohibition order report 20th October, 1988 

Click here to view the B&NES Press release 26th January 1999 banning "all but residents vehicles" from the Crescent

Click here to view the results of the Public Inquiry B&NES Press Release

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